Use our software R&D services to test your ideas quickly and safely

Acuiti-Flexilab Solution is a service which enables senior business executives and business owners to quickly leverage their experience and know-how to test and use new software solutions to gain competitive advantage for their business. Ideas and thoughts are converted to proof of concept / minimum viable products using agile methodologies.

Business leader / Inventor is freed up to innovate and develop ideas and IP for the company instead of worrying about skills and resources management.  Verbalising your thoughts and ideas are enough for Acuiti-Flexilab Solution to deliver a minimum viable solution/proof of concept using Agile methodology.

We have a whole range of consulting services to support Flexilab Solutions. Take a look at how you may benefit from our services: Technology R&DDigital Strategy and Business Growth .


we use agile methodologies in testing


Time to Market for proof of concept (PoC) & minimum viable product (MVP) is reduced dramatically thus fostering and encouraging innovation.


Senior solution architects with strong software and industry expertise are always available to develop your thoughts and ideas into PoCs/MVP.


Internal IT will be provided the estimates, specification, code and the R&D evolution of the idea for further development as per their infrastructure.

Leverage your work experience to develop innovative solutions quickly and create competitive advantage for your business