Engagement Models

At Acuiti Labs, we understand that not all Businesses’ needs are the same. Our extensive experience has taught us that each business need must be catered to in its own unique way. For us to be able to work with you in a mutually convenient way we offer a range of engagement models.

Time and Material

Our consulting engagement model where the project scope is not fully defined. We will give you an estimate and will work with you to ensure that the scope is confined into predefined boundaries but offering the flexibility to innovate.

Fixed Price

Where the project requirements are clearly defined , we can give you a fixed price proposal to safeguard you against any project risks. We can also help you define your requirements on a T&M model before giving you a fixed price offer.

Risk Sharing

We can offer some of our clients a revenue share or outcome based engagement model. Example: Engagement at a profit or revenue sharing basis.

Build, Operate
& Transfer

We can help you to build your development team in our lab in India or Portugal. We take the responsibility of making the team fully operational and Fulfilling all compliance requirements. At the end of a fixed term, we would expect you to Set up your own legal entirety and transfer these resources. We will help you through the process Of course.

Dedicated hiring

Where you have a specific requirement for certain resources and can manage the project yourself, we can offer you resources on a dedicated hire model where the developer works from our lab but is fully dedicated to your project/s. We can offer you a wide range of experience and skills at a fixed monthly price.

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