Acuiti Labs prides itself on its industry specific know-how and its ability to harness the power of technologies to deliver business outcomes. It deliver digital transformation to an array of industries - by leveraging leading edge technologies, best of breed business applications and our own innovative solutions such as: SAP Hybris Billing, SAP Hybris Commerce, Acuiti-EUC Platform, Acuiti-Factory Platform and Acuiti-Flexilab Solution.

Acuiti-EUC Platform:

Transforming your EUC landscape.


Acuiti-EUC Platform is a result of our deep understanding of working with banks, insurance, professional services and corporate finance divisions of large enterprises. Unlike conventional EUC governance approaches, Acuiti-EUC platform and methodology enable conversion of mission critical databases into Enterprise EUC (EEUC) by ingesting EUCs and automating the transformation in enterprise class, secure, multi-channel, workflow enabled and scalable apps.

The apps generated can be easily integrated with reference records and can be made GDPR compliant. Thus, achieving security & data governance without compromising on the flexibility and agility of EUCs.


Delivering exceptional efficiencies to skilled workforces in industries and factories.

The Acuiti-Factory Platform is designed to leverage latest technologies like overheard projections, intrinsic safe mobile devices and internet of things (IoT) to provide intelligent solutions to industrial problems, using a suite of mobile applications. These applications take advantage of external devices such as RFID and gas sensors, to drive the screens with relevant content. The applications are built to run on ruggedized Android hand-held and wearable devices, like the new Head-Mounted Tablet from RealWear.


Enabling faster & more effective software development for business growth.

With our skilled software developers delivering rapid solutions while using Agile methodology, business leaders and inventors can now invest their time in developing ideas and IP for the company. The Acuiti-Flexilab Solution enables senior business executives and business owners to quickly leverage their experience to test and use new software solutions. With this service, executives can gain competitive advantage for their businesses by converting ideas into proof of concept/minimum viable products.


Industries we're helping transform


Ensuring compliance with internal and external EUC policies is critical to any business. We help you manage the challenges of a growing business – from ensuring that regulatory requirements (such as SOX and COSO) are met, to aiding in Excel spreadsheet governance.


Providing transparency to customers and shareholders helps build trust and reputation. We help your organization in maintaining this trust by enabling your day to day operations. Experience increased organizational efficiency with simpler methods of data and risk management.


Asset managers are required to adapt to dynamic market conditions, increasing their reliance on tools like spreadsheets, databases and EUC applications. Our solutions automate EUC management and minimize business risks and keep you ready for any future regulatory or audit scrutiny.


In the energy industry, errors can be costly and possibly fatal. We help significantly reduce time and critical effort with our revolutionary ECU management solutions that allow you to reduce risk and improve data quality across your enterprise.


Insurance organizations consume a lot of time doing expensive activities like aggregating, analysing and distributing risk related information. Our solutions reduce your organization’s regulatory and financial risk, without having to change the way they work.


We work closely with technology start-ups by providing incubator support, an accelerator for developing a minimum viable product (MVP), scale-up and product ‘go to market’ strategy and execution and research and development.


The core management team has over 75 years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies in senior roles delivering Software Development, R&D, Architecture & Strategy.

The team has expertise and experience of working and consulting with Banking, Insurance, Professional Services, Energy, Manufacturing majors & Tech Start-ups. AcuitiLabs is a tech company that has successfully delivered packaged and bespoke software solutions to both start-ups and large enterprises.

AcuitiLabs has developed innovative products and solutions Acuiti-EUC Platform, Acuiti-Factory Platform and Acuiti-FlexiLab Solution. These have been developed by leveraging the team’s deep expertise and understanding of the industry pain points and solution void. Our products and solutions aptly exploit technologies like Big-Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to delivery tangible business benefits.

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