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Technology R&D – Delivering innovative software

We help exploit technology r&d for business, and build innovative software, technology or R&D to support and work in tandem with in-house teams. We deliver holistically in this sector, from strategy, roadmaps, enterprise architecture, programme management, software development or even building and operating an offshore capability if that’s what a business needs.

We develop a long-term view of technology aligned to organisational and business strategies. Our experts work with CxO teams to build strategic propositions, enterprise architecture, new operating models and roadmaps linked directly to programmes, projects, outcomes and KPIs (key performance indicators).

Acuiti Labs has a state of art tech accelerator focused on delivering product R&D or product platforms, working as an extension of your existing teams. We provide customised solutions for setting up at all levels and scale, from a large development centre to a one-man team based out of Acuiti Labs. We pride ourselves on the ability to providing exceptionally innovative solutions to start-up and early stage companies to develop their minimum viable product and then to scale the development and production capability.

Our energies are focused on maximising the growth of our clients’ businesses by:  building compelling digitalisation, innovation and automation strategies, and developing roadmaps for delivering of these strategies through programmes and projects.

As Acuiti Labs, we deploy with rich and varied experiences, we have a unique perspective into the approaches companies take to digitalisation strategies, creation and conversion of strategies into new products and helping monetisate technology in a highly competitive tech-based economy.

Technology Partner

Technology is backbone of successful businesses in today’s world. We help businesses in in developing their products and applications through unique revenue or equity based partnership models.

Ideas Incubator

To realize ideas, right action and environment support is essential. We provide both to transform ideas into successful business.

Product RnD

An insightful research leads way to successful products & solutions development. Our experts are helping companies in Product R&D.

Digital Branding

Brand is the soul of business & Customer/consumer love it more than products. We build / utilize digital assets to rejuvenate our customers brand.

Digital Marketing

Four pillars of digital marketing are content, communication, people & financials. We conceptualize & implement blended strategies & solutions to give our customers a leading age in tomorrow’s digital world.

Embedded Software

Embedded software rules the physical machines. We develop next-generation embedded software and systems engineering solutions that help our customers to rule their business.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We will develop the best in class content for Augmented & Virtual Reality. We specialize in modelling & simulation using AR/VR.

Apps Development

Web & Mobile applications/tools help simplify complex business processes and increase productivity of individuals. We champion this area via custom built software solutions.

You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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