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Risk sharing partnership

You have an idea, but unsure on how to build it into profitable business. This model allows you to partner with experts at Acuiti Labs to safeguard from unknown trajectory risks. Acuiti Labs will participate with selected enterprise through risk sharing partnership models outlined below. Of many possibilities, we provide below 2 notable models.

Revenue sharing partnership

This model allows to engage us on profit / revenue sharing basis.

Equity based partnership

This model allows to engage us on equity sharing basis. We offer to accept up to 50% of our professional fees in equity for select companies.

Cost based

You have a specific assignment to get done, but unsure how long it takes and challenges involved. This model allows to have control on timelines of the assignments based on value unfolded during initial period of the assignment.

Fixed budgets

You have budget fixed, but unsure how to get everything in it. This model allows to maximize the outcomes for your needs within fixed budgets.

Dedicated hiring model

You have specific staffing needs and but hesitate to indulge into long term lock-up of resources/funds. This model helps to staff for specific needs and work happens from Acuiti Labs, India.

Build, Operate & Transfer

You want someone to take the staffing risk and compliance on your behalf until you get a good handle of managing the operations yourself. This model helps build the capability for you in India, operate for an agreed number of years and upon optimal performance, transfer the resources to your in-house operations.

risk sharing partnership

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