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AcuitiRAD - Automated development

AcuitiRAD solution automates development of enterprise level, multi-channel, secure and scalable enterprise applications using Acuiti’s simple requirements template.

Acuiti Labs works with SME to load the requirement template into the Acuiti Labs Rapid Application Development and convert into Enterprise Application. A workflow may be configured to business process flow.


Generation of JEE code as per enterprise software infrastructure or Acuiti Labs cloud infrastructure

Incorporation of authorization and roles

Integration with enterprise identity management system

Rapid Applications Development environment to generate automated Enterprise Applications

Multi-channel (all device forms) solution with standard UI generated automatically

Additional workflow and bespoke UI developed rapidly, as required


Acuiti's Project Delivery method

Rapid Application Development

Acuiti Labs researchers are also developing a specific methodology for working with EAs and managing them through transformation processes using the Acuiti Labs RAD.

AcuitiRAD provides tools for integration that reduce the integration effort required. The requirements and rules from existing spreadsheet template can be ingested and converted into application. AcuitiRAD can generate most of the code automatically with configuration, thus reducing the development effort to minor changes only. The code generated is highly pre-tested framework based. Time is largely required to verify that the generated code was provided correct configuration. AcuitiRAD also generates data migration script automatically and reduces the effort of migration to only the execution part.

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