About us

Acuiti Labs is a business technology accelerator dedicated to turning ideas into profitable business through technology. We solve business challenges using technology, build tech platforms, and enable market-winning digital strategies. We have a clear focus on value realisation and monetisation. The development and execution of strategies is delivered by a group of experts, who are experienced at big four and other consulting firms, using a holistic and customisable approach to every assignment and project.

Acuiti Labs have a deep understanding of real world use of emerging technologies and the capability to leverage them for business growth. We have some of the most talented geeks in the industry with skills spanning core embedded programming, mobile and web technologies, design and digital marketing. We provide product development, R&D and digital support to the entire spectrum of business – from entrepreneurs who are starting up to more industry majors.

Extension of your tech team

We have a ‘One Team’ approach to developing software based businesses and commercialising innovation.

Incubators & accelerators

Engagement models

If you don’t know which model is best for your business, let us advise you.

Risk sharing partnerships

Revenue sharing partnership

Fixed budgets

Engagement model

Equity based partnership

Cost based

Dedicated hiring model

Technologies we use

Acuiti Labs has a broad range of skills in different technologies.

Where we work

We're a team of geeks and creative people who love crafting pixels into life and we called them Acuitians!

A team is more than a collection of people. At Acuiti Labs we are a family!